October 25, 2022

Annual General Meeting Report

Alberni District Co-operative Association

93rd Annual General Meeting
For the year ending November 27th, 2021
Held on April 28, 2022

Our Board of Directors and Team of the Alberni District Co-op organized our Annual General Meeting April 28th, 2022. Please find below a copy of the Agenda and full 2021 Annual Report. For any questions or concerns, please connect with our General Manager.


1. Call to Order and Introduction
2. Notice of Meeting (page 3)
3. Minutes of the 92nd Annual General Meeting (page 4-6)
4. Business arising from the minutes
5. Reports
a) Directors (page 7-8)
b) General Manager (page 9)
c) Auditor/Financial ( page 10-26)
6. Discussion and Adoption of reports
7. Appointment of Auditors for 2022
8. FCL Report
9. Election of Directors (page 27-29)
10. New Business or Other Business
11. Special Business (page 30)
a. Special Resolution – Directors – Qualifications for Director
12. Awards Presentations and Announcement
13. Oath of Office
14. Member Draws
15. Adjournment

For any questions or concerns please connect with our General Manager;

Dave Heinrichs
Telephone: (250)723-2831; Email:
4885 Beaver Creek Road
Port Alberni, British Columbia V9Y7E1